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A Playful Palette of 10 Knitted Accessories A Playful Palette of 10 Knitted Accessories
Author: Tabetha Hedrick
ISBN: 9781596358850

There's something wonderfully soothing about knitting accessories. Be it the portability, the simplicity of construction, or the instant gratification aspect, accessories are just the ticket for a comforting knitting experience. The designs in this book are customisable, loaded with simple textures and entertaining for all levels of knitters. From sassy scarves to squishy socks, capes for layering or mitts for cool weather, you will find everything you need for the perfect knitwear indulgence. The openwork nature of these 10 projects make a little Koigu yarn go a long way, and since each Koigu skein is handpainted, every individual project will be unique. Making more than socks with sock-weight yarn showcases the beauty of the material. Additional information on the use of handpainted yarns, monotones, variegated and self-striping is also included.

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