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Often you will come across items on our website that are of interest, but you want to look at it later. You don't need to remember its name or code, you can just add the item to your Wishlist and come back to it later. Please be aware that for the Wishlist to be active, you must be logged into our website. Each Wishlist is personalised to each user, so no–one can see what is in your Wishlist, nor can you see anyone elses.

When you are ready, just come back to this page. Here is where you can manage your Wishlist items. You can either transfer the item to your Shopping Cart by clicking on the button next to each item in the list below (if you have any items in your Wishlist) or delete the item from your Wishlist by clicking on the button.

Remember, this is your Wishlist and it is saved with your login profile so that it is available the next time that you login to our website – it doesn't disappear when you leave our website.

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